Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day!

Have to admit, I LOVE snow days. While I was walking this morning, the words "silent shroud of snow" crept into my consciousness. Simon and Garfunkl described it just right. There is a stilled silence that comes with the large amount of snow. It covers the trees and ground, hiding what is underneath. It also seems much warmer when we have a big snow. It is as if the snow insulates from the outside world.

During my walk today, I met neighbors I haven't seen. Since all the schools and most businesses are closed, most of us are home today, and shoveling themselves out. Taking the dog for a walk is a joy, I know she is not going to run off into the neighbors yard, since most did not even have the driveways plowed out yet. Do to the fact that even she got stuck in a snow drift, I knew she wasn't going to go far. No need for a leash today! There were very few cars on the road, so I did not have to worry about that either.

There is also a closeness with others that comes out during a storm. It is something that affects us all, there is nothing we can do to stop it. We all just have to wait it out.

Tomorrow all will be back to normal. Schools will be open. Businesses will go about with their everyday tasks. Facebook will have less action, we will be back at work.  Funny that this happened on Leap Day.  Lots of internet sites are having special sales today, I now have time to look and enjoy them.

It is also "SHOUT OUT" day at St. Catherine'e University in St Paul, Minnesota.  I am very lucky my daughter chose to be a part of that community. It is one of the few places that focus on women. Having spent my adulthood as a mother with children around, it was difficult to think of sending her off to college. St Kate's was so welcoming not only to her, but to myself and our family, they made the transition so much easier for us.

Every time I visit the campus, I feel I am a part of the community. St Kates is not only for the students, but also the families.  My facebook profile picture was taken at St Kates on the night of Charity Ball, one of the fondest memories I have. Like many of St Kates activities, Charity Ball is a fundraiser for a women's shelter. In a world that is still dominated by males, it is refreshing to find a place offering programs where a woman is allowed to be herself, to grow and blossom into a woman that has value in the universe.

Many thanks and gratitude to the Sisters of St Joseph for the wonderful university. There are no words that can ever express the gratitude I feel for you being there!