Saturday, December 31, 2016


Dec 31, 2016

For me,  2016 was not one of my best years. I have felt out of sorts for the past few years, with 2016 being the worst. This past year I was plagued with severe neuro issues. My arms were down to about 5% strength in my hand grip, with flare ups of swelling, pain and all kinds of weird things. I was also plagued with severe respiratory issues. It would start in November and last til spring. This past year it lasted until August. For anyone with asthma issues, you can understand how difficult life is. It is hard getting anything done when you can barely breath. 2016 was a year of inhalers, prednisone, advair and duoneb nebulizers. All is was able to grow in the garden this past summer was rhubarb and potatoes. Things that did not need much work. The grass went without being mowed, yard did not get cleaned up, crafting did not get done. I did mange to get to work most of the time, but after work all I could do most days was sit in a chair and watch TV. Some days knitting was even too taxing.

With all this going on, I have learned much about myself and my husband. It infuriates me that the remodeling of our house that should have been finished three years ago is at a standstill. Turns out that for my husband he finishes projects to the point that they serve the purpose, then doesn't finish. As long as the light bulb works, doesn't matter to him that the light fixture is not put up-after all, we have light, the bulb just hangs by a wire. My list goes on and on of things that need to get finished.

We figured out the culprit of my sickness- the flu shot- and life is much better this fall. The thinking is my over zealous system makes way too any antibodies-causing the severe reactions. While the majority of people can have immunizations without having difficuties, I cannot. Makes sense to me!

The past year has not been all bad, I was able to cross off a couple of things from my bucket list. For the.  past 30 years I have wanted to learn Clogging. After I tore off my hamstring, I thought I would never be able to do it. I thought with the shows it would be too slippery for me, and slippery means falls. This past fall, the Campanile Center had a class, which I took, and lo and behold, I learned clogging. My legs get tired very easily, and with the RSD my nervous system reacts, but I perservered. I learned to use a cane like device so I do not fall when my legs slip out. It also takes alot of practice for me to get the routines down, but eventually I did. The woman who taught the class is gone for the winter, so in April the class will start back up. I need to practice in the mean time, so my nervous system won't be so freaked out when we start again.

My husband also bought his first new car! All our Subarus finally died. Some had close to 400,000 miles! Since my husband needed a right hand drive to deliver mail, we ended up buying a Jeep Wrangler. At the time we purchased it, it was the only new vehicle we could get in the US that has right hand drive.

I also joined the YMCA and started to learn pickleball. It is alot of fun, and great exercise.

My list of goals so far for 2017 are:

Learn Photoshop Elements 2015. I have purchased a couple of tutorials, Hopefully I can learn to use more of the features. I really enjoy making scrapbook mini albums-now I want to learn how to edit the pictures and start making books with the pictures in them.

I've always wanted to do more watercolor pictures. I had taken a class many years ago, did not think I was too good, so I stopped doing it. I have found Derwent Inktense pencils which are so much fun! I want to make some hand made cards, hopefully to sell at the flea market or online. Since I am going to be retiring soon, thinking of ways to supplement Social Security.

Since we moved four years ago, I have not had a dedicated crafting space. My husband has started building me a shed, but that is on hold for the winter. I am trying to make a crafting space in the basement so I can start to sew again. I started sewing my own clothes in August 1969. Want to get back to doing more.

I also plan on continuing with the Clogging, Pickleball and going to the YMCA. Need to get back to being physically fit despite the restrictions I have.

Do more camping. This past year the only camping I did was at the MN State Fair and for two days at Peninsula State Park. I hadn't been to Peninsula in about seven years due to health issues. It was so good to get back! I never realize how important those little trips are too me. Plan on doing many, any more.

I also want to get back to baking. All my adult life I have baked alot. I normally would make lots of baked goods at Christmas, especially cookies. I would spend weeks making spritz cookies with the cookie press. For the past few years I  have not made any!

I think this is a pretty good list too start with!  My last goal (that I can remember now) is too post pn the blog. Hard too believe it has been a few years!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! I hope the New Year brings you peace and love!