Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ten Days

As I sit here tonight, I realize Christmas is ten days from today.  I have a tree up, a few decorations, other than that, not much else done.  Since we are celebrating the extended family Christmas on Jan 1, I do not feel as rushed as usual. After all, I have an extra week!

All the snowstorms of the past weekends, have also put a damper on my shopping.  Hard to get to the shopping malls!  Last weekend most of the stores I would normally go to were closed.

It's also very different having my youngest in college.  No more high school concerts, madrigal dinners, etc.  We did go to her college concert two weeks ago, last weekend we went to the Charity Ball at her school.  So, my holiday is now taking a different direction.

In the catholic church, this is the season of Advent, the time to prepare for the birth of Christ.  I have been spending time going more inward, and using this time as a time of spiritual reflection. Advent is a time of rebirth, and also the beginning of the new church year.

My wish is for all to take some time during this busy season to reflect on our lives, and how we can improve our spiritual self.  Spend less money, and instead spend more time with others. When walking into a busy store during this time, take a second to smile at someone.  There are many,many lonely and sad people, who do not get the chance to see a smile. Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!

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