Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finally made an svg file!

Due to chronic pain issues, my baking has greatly diminished over the past two years.  Since last February I have found a new passion, my Cricut machine and Sure Cuts a Lot software.  I have spent many, many hours trying to learn to make svg files. I have downloaded Inkscape and Watched lots of videos. So, you can only imagine my Triumph when I finally learned how to make a file set.

I wanted to make some Valentine lollipop cards, for the grandkids. I needed to do something simple, that I could send them the parts, and they could glue them.  The first one I have completed is for the girls.

I also made the tag that can be used to write Happy Valentines Day on. Working on finding the way to get the file so I can share it with others. 

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