Saturday, April 16, 2011

Snow in April!

The calendar may say April 16th, but by the snow outside, it looks more like November!  Not wanting to go out into the snow today, I asked my husband to stop at the store and bring something home for me to make for dinner.  I know, asking him  to do something like that was asking for BIG TROUBLE, but I really did not want to go out, nor did I have any idea what to make.

I was mildly suprised when he came home with four small, very thin round steaks. Each was about a quarter of a pound.  Now, round steaks can be very good tasting, I just have a knack for overcooking them and  turning them into to shoe leather, so I rarely buy them myself.

So, here I was staring at these little steaks,  My husband of course, felt very proud of himself at bringing these home. As he was explaining to me why he chose these little morsels of red meat, I imagined him being the prehistoric hunter bringing food home to his family.

As I sat thinking of what I could possibly make with these to make them into the delectable morsels he imagined, I thought of beef stroganoff.  I thought I needed mushrooms for that, so it was out of the question.
 I decided on a beef stew made with my pressure cooker.  For those who do not use a pressure cooker, it is one of the best items to have in a kitchen.  The new ones are very safe, and cook foods in  a fraction of the time. Into the pressure cooker went a can of diced tomatoes, some celery, carrots, potatoes and onions along with the round steak which I cut into smaller pieces, minced garlic and beef broth.  While the stew was cooking, I made drop cheddar biscuits using my favorite White Lily self rising flour.

Forty five minutes after deciding what I wanted to make, we were sitting at the table eating dinner. My husband commented on how tender the round steak was.  Guess this one was a success!

Now, time to start thinking of my Easter baking!

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