Tuesday, December 29, 2009

surgery wnet well. the surgeon had to use a cadaver tendon that he attached to my hamstring tendon Last thing I remembered was gettin the iv meducation in or, then waking up in recovery. the doc talked to me in recovery, don't remember. have a morphine pca for pain. working wsll, I have laess pain than prior to surgery. if I remember right, no sitting or flexing of knee for at least 4 weeks. no nausea either.
one of the most annoying thing, I have numbness and tingling in my lower left arm along with my thumb and fingers. Have felt like they are asleep since I woke up. Tomorrow therapy is going to come to get me up.

Sorry for typing errors. left arm aslleep, right index finger has the coninous pulse ox to watch my breathing. I also don't have my contacts in or any glasses, so the screen is a little blurred. thanks for the prayers they worked well!

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