Saturday, March 2, 2013

Title of your life's memoir in six words.

Last week I was listening to WPR (Wisconsin Public Radio), there was a discussion on words.  One of the discussions led to a talk on using six words to title your life's memoir.

As woman grow older, our hormones begin to assist in altering our thinking. As our uterus declines, so does our thinking of self.  We begin to think more globally and to see the world in a different fashion.

With this< I have also had this yearning to start journaling.  I have always been drawn to watercolors and more of abstract art, so I want to incorporate this into my journal.  I also enjoy scrapbooking, have spent many hours planning out scrapbook/art journals.

When the discussion came up on the memoirs, I found it quite intriguing. My title came to mind very quickly!

Crazy Horse
    Lightly Treading

       No REMORSE!

I had the title, now wasn't sure how to proceed.

This morning while searching the net, I found an online class by Joann Sharpe. I find I enjoy her work, so I bought the class.  It is a class on art journaling, I am SOOOOOO EXCITED about taking this calss and seeing where it will take me.

Hopefully I will figure out how to post pictures of the pages I make.

Until then,  What would be your six words to describe your life's memoir?

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