Monday, August 22, 2011

Off to the Minnesota State Fair

On Wednesday August 24 th, Mary and I are heading over to the Minnesota State Fair.  We were very lucky to once again get a campsite on the fairgrounds. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we tell people we are going to the fair, so many times we are asked "What do you do for all those days?"
(this year we will be at the fair for 9 days).  Our answer is "Go to the Fair!"  Yes, it is possible to spend nine days at the fair, and not see all the animals or the shows.  The Mn Fair has so much entertainment and activities it is difficult to get to them all.

Besides all the entertainment stages, there are numerous other vendors who have live music. One of my favorite things to do is to go to the Farmers Union building for coffee in the morning.  I sit in the coffee shop area and do my knitting while listening to live music that usually begins about 10 am. At 11:00 starts the live cooking demo at the St Agnes Kitchen in the Creative Activities building.  After that, it is time to wander around for a snack.  Then, back to the St Agnes Kitchen for the 1:00 pm demo.  After that demo, it is time to go outside and wait for the 2:00 parade.

After the parade, is the show "Twin Cities Live" that is a daily show by one of the TV stations.  Sometimes, you can also get free food!

During the day there are also the Lumberjack shows, dog shows, as well as shows in the honey area. There are also tours of the animals in the barn buildings.  And, don't forget-the butter carvings in the dairy area!

One of the most exciting things to watch over the days are the animals born in the Miracle of Life Center.  Each year calves, piglets, ducks, chickens, goats and lambs are brought into the world in front of all to see.
They do a wonderful job with the births and the caring for all the animals.

Add to all this the new sing along, rides, vendors etc, there is way too much for us to see in 9 days!

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